Project Day: B&W Darkroom Printing

Project Day: B&W Darkroom Printing

7 July 2019
11:00 - 17:00
Morwenna Kearsley

A practical follow-up to our Introduction to Black & White course, this course will concentrate on building your printing and editing skills, teaching split-grade printing techniques, and giving you the confidence to start working in coherent series. 

During this workshop you will learn to print black & white photographs to a high standard and make a concise series of images with consideration to how we read the photographic image. We will look at the work of other photographic artists who work successfully in small series and as a group to critique and refine each other’s images.

**Please note: This course only covers the printing of images and participants should therefore bring previously processed negatives (either 35mm or 120) and if you have one, a printed contact sheet along to the session**

All materials (including a range of papers) will be provided.

Course Outline


  • Presentation and analysis of what makes a successful series of photographs, and how the final print can be crafted to accentuate the photographer’s artistic intent.
  • Re-cap of basic darkroom skills - including overview of the enlarger, cropping, dodging & burning, and layering of negatives.
  • Learn how to Spilt-grade print, (a more advanced technique to create a print with greater tonal range and control).
  • Demonstration of pre-flashing and controlled fogging techniques.
  • Plenty of practical darkroom time to work on your images and gain confidence in the new skills and processes.
  • Brief presentation of your work to the group to showcase the skills participants have learned throughout the day.



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