War on War Room with kennardphillipps

Friday, 14 August 2015
10.30am - 4.30pm

Suitable for ages 11+

The artists, kennardphillipps, are inviting members of the public to participate and make use of the War On War Room in the St James Shopping Centre during August 2015.

The aim of the War On War Room is to work with people of all ages and backgrounds to show that art can be used to express both personal and socio/political feelings and beliefs through the use of everyday materials. This is a D.I.Y workshop that doesn't require participants to have specific skills in art.

We will facilitate participants to express their concerns through visually connecting photographs and scanned material. There will be a large format digital printer to turn the work into poster size images, flatbed scanners to scan objects and personal material, digital cameras for portrait work and magazines to cut up.

The workshop will be a space where our relationship to the world can be explored through everyday materials, images and debate. The resulting work will be shown together both in the workshop and in local public spaces. All materials will be provided for you to make photomontage, construction, drawing and digital photography.

This is a free workshop but there are limited places so booking is required.

To book a place please call Stills on 0131 622 6200 or email engagement@stills.org

A maximum of two places can be booked per person.

The War on War Room is part of kennardphilipps exhibition Here Comes Everybody