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The Night With - Lunchtimes at the Fringe

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 13:00 - 14:00

The Night With… at the Edinburgh Fringe is part of the Made In Scotland Showcase. They are presenting nine concerts of five different programmes as part of the showcase. To view all The Night With… concerts at the fringe click here.

Tickets £8/£5:

13th - Turning the Elements  

14th - Tom Poulson, Danielle Price and Timothy Cooper

15th - Turning the Elements

16th - Tom Poulson, Danielle Price and Timothy Cooper


Turning the Elements - 13th and 15th August

The Night With… Turning the Elements (Joanna Nicholson clarinet and Frances Cooper soprano) includes settings of poetry by Matthew Whiteside, Rebecca Rowe and Stuart Murray Mitchell by Scottish poets Jane McKie, Stewart Sanderson and Helene Grøn.


  • Three Pieces for Soprano and Clarinet by Rebecca Rowe*
  • … everyone is a child of the inbetween… by Matthew Whiteside, words Helene Grøn
  • Horo by Stuart Murray Mitchell*
  • Lux Aeterna Poetry by Nan Shepherd, music by Joanna Nicholson *Poetry by Jane McKie and Stewart Sanderson

Tom Poulson, Danielle Price and Timothy Cooper - 14th and 16th August

Music for trumpet, tuba and electronics. This programme is a one-half lunchtime concert. To view and book for the evening concert check out the 13th and 15th August Made in Scotland


  • Tierkreis – Karl-Heinz Stockhausen
  • Breathing Space – Timothy Cooper
  • Scatter – Alistair MacDonald
  • Asper Strata – Diana Salazar
  • Sequenza for Trumpet – Oliver Searle

Experimental Music: Braw Gigs presents Family Battle Snake

Past Friday, 20 November 2009 7PM

Braw Gigs presents a one-off date from Berlin's "Family Battle Snake" - aka Bill Kouligas. Delving into the realm of deep listening, transported by way of analog synthesizers,Family Battle Snake weaves an electronic web that cocoons the listener in warm cascading frequencies. With local support on the night from Brittle Hammer Trio, Retail Unit and Lin Zhang Vs Eaten by Children.

£5 recommended donation.

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