ARTIST TALK: Urban Fabric: Greige: 'The Lure of the Image'

Peta Carlin, View of the Urban Fabric Greige Installation, 2007

Urban Fabric: Greige is an installation of photographs of Melbourne’s mid-twentieth century curtain wall facades in which the latent image of Harris Tweed was exposed.

The installation will feature an artist’s talk, ‘The Lure of the Image’ commencing at 12.30pm, followed by a performance of a waulking by Sgioba Luaidh Inbhirchluaidh with graphics by Spike Hibberd.

Urban Fabric: Greige is generously supported by: Bollinger + Grohmann and John Wardle Architects

Image: Urban Fabric: Greige, 2007 (installation view) Peta Carlin