Film Lounge Talk

Monday, 4 October 2010

Film Lounge is delighted to invite Dr Sarah Smith and Dr Ryan Shand to discuss the nature of Cinépoetry in relation to the current programme, focussing specifically on the work of Enrico Cocozza.

Dr Sarah Smith lectures in historical and critical studies at the Glasgow School of Art. She will be discussing her selections for the Film Lounge programme and relating them to broader ideas surrounding the practice of Cinépoetry.

Dr Ryan Shand is a lecturer in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, at the University of Glasgow. His research interests are the history and aesthetics of amateur film, British cinema and media practice. He will be discussing the work of Scottish-Italian film-maker, writer and academic, Enrico Cocozza, unpicking the themes which permeate his work and specifically examining the film Masquerade.

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Image Masquerade Enrico Cocozza (Courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive)