The Globalisation and Art Lectures; Owen Logan

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

For this lecture series art historians, photographers, artists and visual culture specialists have been invited to examine the intersections between art and the social realities produced by globalisation. All of the lectures are FREE.

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Owen Logan: Globalising the Spiritual Aristocracy: Reflections on Class, Art, and Gods

For the final instalment of Stills' Social Documents series, Owen Logan is producing a photographic work entitled 'Where Pathos Rules', examining the visual representation  and cultural economy of resource related conflicts. The exhibition ECONOMY will open in January 2013.

In his talk on February 29th this year, Logan focuses on the arts and globalisation, touching on socially engaged projects that involve photography. Socially engaged arts projects are increasingly carried out with a missionary zeal that goes beyond the desire to inform social change through realist forms of representation, and instead they set out to implement social change among groups and communities on the basis of transforming the lives of individuals. Drawing on the writings of Robert Hobson, Augusto Boal, Mary Barnes and Abraham Maslow, Logan argues that the idea of 'saving the world' one person at a time ought to be taken more seriously and subjected to appropriate critique.

Owen Logan is a documentary photographer and a researcher in the field of socioeconomics and culture. He is a contributing editor to Variant magazine and co-editor of the book Flammable Societies - studies on the socio-economics of oil and gas, recently published by Pluto Press. Logan's photo-essay projects have concentrated on culture, economic and political fracturing, seen in life in Morocco, published as Al Maghrib(1989); in the history of Italian emigration, Bloodlines/Viteallo Specchio (1994)in post-colonial Nigerian society, A Home of Signs and Wonders (1997) and in other ongoing projects.