The House of GIANT TANK

Thursday, 11 September 2008

More experimental weird-ass sounds from The House of GIANT TANK

PEEESSEYE =Yapping three-headed NYC electroacoustic junkyard dog evades lunk scumnoise pound & braniac improv leashes to dig up free music's old bones & birth it's own avant-mongrel sounds.

'the most remarkable smorgasbord of back porch minimalism, sound poetry, and urban decay of recent memory.' Signal To Noise.

MUSCLETUSK =True psychedelics, remedial clatter & leadweight chunder by crown princes of real OUT clatter.

USURPER =Siamese minded dead instrument reanimating brothers make free-noise ineptitude in miniature.

SCRIM =His 'n' hers hiss 'n' hum drone duo wash muddy loops and static waves through yr lugs.