June Reading Group: selected by Brian A. Smith and Kam Chan

Wednesday, 9 June 2010
Image: Hand, Lindsay Seers, 2003/4


Contingency is what that which falls falls into, that which, stemming form what is below the stars, belongs to becoming, to unveiling, to the covering over and to the forgetting of what is: to fall it to forget. (Technics and Time: Vol. 1, Bernard Stiegler, p. 96)

To sculpt, to paint, to draw is to go forth to an encounter with the tangibility of the visible, it is to see with one's hands while giving to be seen, that is, to be seen again: it is to train the eye of the beholder and, thus, to sculpt, paint and draw this eye - it is to trans-form it. (Anamnesis and Hypomnesis, Bernard Stiegler, Ars Industrialis)

The City and the Stars, and many of Arthur C. Clark's science fiction novels, explore the idea of the positive power of technology to aid the development of mankind. Using memory as a key theme, explored by the artists in their work and with reference to the impact of digital technologies on contemporary society, this reading group will focus on the work of the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler and the artist Lindsay Seers and her transformation of artist-cum-camera/projector.

Brian. A. Smith is a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Dundee specializing in contemporary French philosophy. Kam Chan is an artist practicing in printmaking, photography, performance and philosophy.

To join this lively conversation, texts can be downloaded here or please ask at reception for hard-copy versions.

Image: Hand, Lindsay Seers, 2003/4 Courtesy of the artist