Realising the Value of Internships and Volunteer Programmes

Tuesday, 26 June 2012
18.30 - 21.00
Volunteer evening

Internships and volunteer programmes are ways to gain experience, spot opportunities and begin a career in the creative sector. When they work well both the host organisation and the intern get a great deal out of it, including new activities, support, skills and approaches.

In this event we will discuss the journey from volunteer and intern to working as a paid professional. Speakers from the visual arts sector will share their experience of these types of programmes and the value of them to their professional and business development.

What to Expect


  • An interactive event that offers case studies and practical information on participating and managing volunteers and interns in the creative industries, designed to inform organisations and to equip potential, current or previous interns to maximise their experience.
  • Examples and resources to help individuals evaluate and demonstrate the impact of participating in internships and volunteer programmes.


Who’s Involved

The event will be hosted by Stills and chaired by Carol Sinclair, Cultural Enterprise Office's Edinburgh & East Central Adviser. There will be case study speakers and a representative from HMRC.

Discussions will be drawn together at the end of the event, with the opportunity for further questions, sharing of knowledge and networking.

What You’ll Get Out Of It


  • Information on how internship programmes or volunteering might be useful to you or your organisation.
  • An opportunity to consider how individuals and organisations can make the very most of the experience.
  • Practical advice on the tax implications of internships and volunteering.
  • An introduction to the Profession Development Planning tool and associated resources which help you articulate skills and experiences gained through internships and volunteering.


How to Book

This event is free. Spaces are limited so booking is essential. For more information or to reserve a place, call the Cultural Enterprise Office Enquiry Line on 0844 544 9990 or email

This is a Cultural Enterprise Office networking event in partnership with Stills.