Roundtable Discussion: Refiguring the Global City

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The 'global' city is shorthand for a set of complex and sometimes contradictory phenomena. But its difficulties have not prevented it becoming an object of fascination in the visual arts, from Blade Runner to Andreas Gursky, to Second LIfe. And it has, arguably, become in recent years an everyday, ubiquitous situation common to all cities, rather than a few, exceptionally globalised cases. This roundtable discussion brings together a range of eminent writers and academics in the visual arts whose work is particularly preoccupied with the global city and its representation. What the 'global' city means now is one key question; what it looks like, and how it is represented are among the others covered in this provocative and wide- ranging discussion. Chaired by Dr Angela Dimitrakaki (University of Edinburgh), the panel includes Prof. Christoph Lindner (University of Amsterdam), Dr Ruth Cruickshank (Royal Holloway), Dr Shirley Jordan (QMU), Dr Richard Williams (University of Edinburgh) and Prof. Stephen Cairns (ESALA, Edinburgh)

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