Stills f.ocus group

Thursday, 1 April 2010
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The fith in a new series of photography events at Stills aiming to bring together photographers from all backgrounds to inspire each other through presentation of works and discussion. Stills f:ocus events are peer led evenings that will begin with informal discussion and project presentations, followed by the opportunity to discuss your own work and share experiences. 

Stills f:ocus events are FREE and open to everyone! So come along and get involved in a new network of local photographers! 

No booking necessary.

Theme / Brief ; Danger!

Create either a single stand-alone image or a body of work inspired by the word 'Danger'. You could interpret Danger in its purest sense and photograph something directly dangerous, or maybe subvert the theme, or perhaps take a humorous view?

In order to have some structure for this brief, and as next months brief will be completely open (self-initiated project), we are suggesting the following:

Images must be in colour.
Images must be printed at either 6"x 9" or 10"x 8".
Images can be shot on film or digital.
Images must not contain elements from previous work and must be shot between now and April.

Off the top of our heads, the artists we think seem dangerous, (or alternatively a bit "naughty") are:
James Natchwey, Andres Serrano, Nan Goldin, Araki, Larry Clark, Robert Mapplethorpe, Paul Graham, Richard Misrach, Sally Mann