Past events

Datesort icon Title Group
15 Oct 2008 Photomontage / Collage Stills Conversation
30 Sep 2008 Selected excerpts from The Martha Rosler Library Stills Reading Group
24 Sep 2008 The Magic Lantern at Stills Stills Screening
21 Sep 2008 Workshop for Adults: Photomontage Stills Workshop
17 Sep 2008 A Crime Against Art Stills Screening
11 Sep 2008 The House of GIANT TANK Experimental Music
2 Aug 2008 Why don't you... make a pocket movie? Stills Workshop
1 Aug 2008 Leonora Olmi at Habitat Exhibition
1 Aug 2008 Anton Vidokle Stills Talk
31 Jul 2008 Cockburn Street Party Party
7 Jul 2008 Giant Tank presents an evening of real OUT sounds: Experimental Music
2 Jul 2008 The Magic Lantern at Stills The Magic Lantern
28 Jun 2008 Processes & Practice
11 Jun 2008 Photography & Visual Ethnography Stills Discussion
29 May 2008 Nicky Bird: Safety in Numbness: Some Remarks on the problems of 'Late Photography', by David Campany Stills Reading Group
28 May 2008 The Magic Lantern at Stills The Magic Lantern
14 May 2008 Globalisation, Gender and the Politics of Art as Labour Stills Talk and Discussion
10 May 2008 Nicky Bird Beneath the Surface / Hidden Place. Exhibition Opening
23 Apr 2008 Mirroring New York: Dan Graham and Dulce Pinzón’s Reflection of the City Stills Talk and Discussion
20 Apr 2008 Seeing Sound: The Displaying of Marsysas Stills Reading Group
Creative Digital Photography
Language Tours at Stills: French Langauge Tours
Artists' BookMarket with Fruitmarket Artists' BookMarket
The GreenRoom
Stills Taster: Surrealist Photography Stills Taster
Talk: Brett Rogers OBE
ARTIST TALK: Urban Fabric: Greige: 'The Lure of the Image'
Tour and Tea with Stills' Director
Artists' BookMarket with Fruitmarket
Beyond Words Christmas Pop-Up Shop @ Stills Beyond Words Pop-Up Shop