Past events

Date Titlesort icon Group
25 Nov 2010 RCAHMS Book launch with Beyond Words Book Launch
15 May 2012 Reading Capital with David Harvey
26 Jun 2012 Realising the Value of Internships and Volunteer Programmes
20 Aug 2018 Rebecca Marr and Sarah Neely on Gunnie Moberg and Margaret Tait Talk
9 May 2012 Residencies
22 Oct 2009 REWIND at Stills: DVD Launch & Performance of In Two Minds by Kevin Atherton REWIND at Stills
24 Jun 2009 REWIND at Stills: Kevin Atherton Screening REWIND at Stills
22 Apr 2009 REWIND at Stills: Programme Launch & Film Screening Stills Screening
3 Dec 2008 Rhona Warwick Stills Reading
20 Feb 2009 Rhona Warwick Stills Reading Group
22 Apr 2010 Roundtable Discussion: Refiguring the Global City Stills Discussion
23 Nov 2008 Sabine Hornig Artist Talk
12 Sep 2010 Scottish Photographers Event: Paul Hill Day Scottich Photographers Event
18 Mar 2010 Screen Bandita presents: 'Reels From Life Two Or: How We Learned to Love Postmodernism' film Screening
14 May 2009 Screen Bandita Super 8 Presents: Reels from Life film Screening
25 Oct 2014 Screening & Discussion | The Act of Killing film Screening
23 Mar 2016 SCREENING AND TALK: Lure of the Lost Anthony Schrag with Stuart Armitt Screening and talk
28 Apr 2011 Screening Perestroika (118 minutes) film Screening
11 Feb 2016 SCREENING: All This Can Happen (Siobhan Davies & David Hinton) Stills Film Screening
11 May 2013 Second Sight. Migration and Scotland; Open Sessions
20 Apr 2008 Seeing Sound: The Displaying of Marsysas Stills Reading Group
30 Sep 2008 Selected excerpts from The Martha Rosler Library Stills Reading Group
15 Nov 2008 Shelves Auction – get them while you can! Auction
11 Jun 2017 Snap Shots: Children's Art Week Open Day Open Day
23 Oct 2012 Social Documents The Oil Road
14 May 2013 SOS Arandora Star
25 May 2017 Spring Art Lecture: Photography in Scotland and the mysterious fact: 40 years of Stills
20 Oct 2017 Stills 40th Anniversary Auction
9 Nov 2017 Stills 40th Anniversary Lecture: Alec Soth
19 Oct 2017 Stills 40th Anniversary Lecture: Simon Baker