Film Lounge | 'The Ages of Man' performed by John Gielgud

5 Aug 2011 - 30 Oct 2011

First broadcast on CBS, American Television, 1967

Selected by Stephen Sutcliffe

Film Lounge is delighted to present the 'Ages of Man' a rarely seen film, produced for American television, featuring the great British actor, Sir John Gielgud.

Gielgud, performs alone, on a bare stage reciting a selection of Shakespearean soliloquies and sonnets, based on the anthology edited by George Rylands in 1939, exploring the journey of life from birth to death.

Gielgud first performed 'Ages of Man' in August 1957 at the Freemason's Hall, Edinburgh to a sold out audience during the Festival. The performance was a great success and he toured the work all over the world for the next ten years, winning a Tony Award in 1959 for 'contribution to theatre for his extraordinary insight into the writings of Shakespeare' and an Emmy award for an 'outstanding dramatic program'

Courtesy of Archive of American Television and E1 Entertainment.