10 x 8 Auction

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28 Oct 2016

Whether you are a first time buyer or avid collector the 10x8 Auction is perfect for those looking to acquire some original artwork.

ONLINE AUCTION  18 - 28 October
Closing 7pm on 28 October 

GALLERY DISPLAY 26 - 28 October, 11am - 6pm 
All prints included in the auction will be on display in Stills.  During this time a gallery assistant will be on hand to help you place an online bid.

LIVE AUCTION EVENT Friday 28 October, 6pm
All welcome!  The live auction will take place on Friday 28 October, 6pm.  On the night you will have the opportunity to place final online bids and have a go at waving your paddle in a live bidding event. Refreshments provided by the Edinburgh Beer Factory

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy from a fantastic selection of prints by a range of artists and photographers including: Jane Brettle, David Eustace, Dan Holdsworth, Robin Gillanders, kennardphillipps, Mary Ann Kennedy, Lorna Macintyre, Wendy McMurdo, Modern Edinburgh Film School, Anthony Schrag, Stephen Sutcliffe and David Williams. We will have a whole host of prints donated by our supportive and generous community. Whatever your taste and budget there is a print for you!

All proceeds from the auction will go directly towards the funding of our charitable work in 2017, Stills’ 40th anniversary year.



How to bid

Bidding in the 10x8 Auction is easy. We have split it in two so you can easily bid online as well as enjoy the excitement of a live auction!

1. Place bids during the print display in Stills from the 26th – 28th October

  • All prints will be on display in our gallery for three days on the run-up to the auction.
  • Come and peruse the fantastic selection of prints where a gallery assistant will be on hand to help you place an online bid. See below for information relating to the online process.

2. Online in advance – perfect if you can’t attend in person!

  • Scroll through the slideshow of prints or download the pdf catalogue (open in full screen to download) and decide what print(s) you want to bid on and note the ID numbers. Prints labelled ‘SA’ will be online only. Those labelled ‘LA’ will be included in the Live Auction (see below). Both SA and LA prints can be bid for in the online auction preceding the live event. 
  • Fill in the online bidding form. 
  • Bidding closes at 7pm on Friday 28th October. 
  • All online bids for works in the live auction will be used as commissioned bids. The auctioneer will bid on behalf of the absentee up to his/her maximum.
  • Winning bids will be revealed at the live event on the 28th October. If you attend in person payment will be processed there and then. Prints can be taken home on the evening. If you are unable to attend the live auction payment can be made over the phone up until the 4th November. If you can’t pick up your purchases in person we can arrange to send them. Postage will be charged.

3. At the live auction event on Friday 28th October.

  • Scroll through the slideshow of prints or download the pdf catalogue and decide what print(s) you want to bid on and note the ID numbers. Prints labelled ‘LA’ will be included in the live auction. 
  • Make sure you arrive early to register and get a paddle to bid in the live auction. 
  • Have fun bidding in the live auction where 20 prints will be auctioned by a professional auctioneer. 
  • All sales will be processed on the night and you may take your print home with you.

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Thank you to the following for their generous donations to the auction;

Andreia Alves De Oliveira, Jordan Anderson, Calum Andrew Morrell, Colin Andrews, Pier Angelo Cavallina, Evonne Bain, Gemma Batchelor, Susan Bittker, Alexander Blair, Paul Boyle, Susan Brekenridge, Jane Brettle, Darren Brogan, Alicia Bruce, Mike Brunton, David Buchanan, John Carolan, Yi-Chieh Chiu, Gayle Chong Kwan, Derek Christie, Dale Clement, George Clerk, Daniel Cook, Daine Cornwall, Raquel De Pedro, Stuart Deasley, Peter Dibdin, Graham Dickson, Keith Didcock, Alan Dimmick, Lena Dobrowolska, Dr Seán Doolan, Herman Doolan, Caroline Douglas, Martin Elden, David Eustace, Laura Feliu Lloberas, Sam Finch, Brittonie Fletcher, Ross Fraser Maclean, Alex Gardiner, Liam Gardiner, Alessio Gianardi, Ryan Gibson, Robin Gillanders, Kat Gollock, Ada Gralewska, David Grinly, David Hall, John Hamilton, Lyn Henni, Paul Henni, Daniel Hessing, Alexander Hetherington, Dan Holdsworth, Vroni Holzmann, Bev Hood, Neil Johnson, Alan J Jones, Andrea Jones, Morwenna Kearsley, kennardphillips, Mary-Ann Kennedy, Mandy Kerr, Alan Knox, Mhairi Law, Caroline List, Steven Louth, Archie MacFarlane, John K MacGregor, Lorna MacIntyre, Steve MacLeod, Ian Macrae Young, Joe Manger, Catherine Marshall, Norman McBeath, Geraldine McClure, Jamie McGillivray, Wendy McMurdo, Malcolm Merrick, Rebecca Milling, John Morrison, Ruth Munro, Teo Ormond-Skeaping, Meri Page, David Palmer, Dr. Andy Park, James Parkin, Lesley Peasrson, Chris Pendleton, Gillian Pinkerton, Luis Plana Del Llano, Matthew Poland, Graeme Pow, Clelia Rainone, Susanne Ramsenthaler, Alastair Robertson, Colin Roy, Nic Rue, Daniele Sambo, Anthony Schrag, Arpita Shah, Arthur Shepherd, Roddy Shippin, Fiona Skinner, Kristian Smith, Ana Speedie, John Sumpter, Stephen Sutcliffe, Dave Tarlton, Jill Tate, Daryl Tebbut, Evan Thomas, John Thomson, Sarah Tulloch, Karen Vaughan, Mark Vigers, Craig Waddell, Thomas Whittle, David Williams, Joseph Wilson, Katerina Yli-Malma, Klaudia Wyderkiewicz, Aleksandra Zawada

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* Detail Framing Studio, Edinburgh is kindly offering 10% discount to anyone that would like their purchased print framed. £3 from every frame order will be donated to Stills.