Alt-Photo Festival, Paul Charlton

Bluebell, 2012 Paul Charlton
28 Feb 2013 - 15 Mar 2013
Slide show: 
Stardust, Sleeper, 2013 Paul Charlton
Close My Eyes, Sleeper, 2013 Paul Charlton
Fall Asleep, Sleeper, 2013 Paul Charlton
Seafarer's Song, Paul Charlton
The Bantam, Paul Charlton
The Charge, Paul Charlton
The Late Shift, Paul Charlton
The Letting Go, Paul Charlton
The Star, Paul Charlton
True North, Paul Charlton

Stills is delighted to present the work of Paul Charlton in association with the Alt-Photo Festival, 2013.

On display in the lower ground level of Stills, Paul Charlton presents two recent bodies of work, Tree of Life (2012) and Sleeper (2013)

Join us for the launch of the exhibition at Stills on Friday 1st March, 2013, 6pm - 8pm.

The images in the Tree Of Life (2102) series have been inspired by the formality of early photography. Wanting to give the pieces a timeless quality, Charlton has used costume to give the vaguest sense of time, giving them an almost historical feel. Face paint minimises the individual’s identity creating an opportunity for the viewer to overlay their own story or context or, indeed, narrative.

Creating a solid, three-dimensional artwork is an important part of Charlton’s process and helps to blend the boundary between the visual and tactile. His process in working with the wood helps to bring the photographs to life leaving a longer lasting impression. It also ties in with early photography that created a single positive image, such as wet collodion and tintype, giving a one off image rather than a negative to print from.

The pieces in the Sleeper series (2013) are the beginnings of an ongoing collaborative project with Brigid McCarthy, a work inspired by the memory of the sound of fog horns as you drift to sleep. Although the sound was a warning for ships, it’s deep rhythmic sound has a calming effect on the listeners safe in their beds. Charlton has responded by creating images that could convey sleeping/dreaming or floating/drowning - another worldly-ness.


Other Alt-Photo Festival events in Edinburgh include

Royal Botanic Gardens, Fletcher Building

Tinbox Photography Workshops (Free)
1-2pm, Daily

Plant Shadowgram Workshops (Free)
11am-12pm & 3pm-4pm, Weekends only

Photographers Open Darkroom (Free)
2pm-4pm, Mon-Fri

Group Exhibition
12pm-4pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat & Sun


Paul Charlton Exhibition Opening, Free
6pm-8pm, Friday 1st March

Paul Charlton Exhibition, Free
11am-6pm, Daily

Colour Pinhole Introduction, £5
11am-12.30pm, Mon 4th-Fri 8th

Open Darkrooms (on completion of introduction) £5
12.20pm-4pm, Mon 4th - Fri 8th

Edinburgh College of Art

Past Forward Symposium (Free but ticketed)
1pm-5pm, Sat 9th March

Past Forward Exhibition (Free)
10am- 4pm, Daily


For a full timetable of events have a look at the Alt-Photo Festival website.

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