Anna Atkins: Cyanotypes & Margaret Watkins: Advertising Photography

Anna Atkins Ptilota Sericea, (circa 1843) cyanotype © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Co
25 Apr 2015 - 12 Jul 2015

Stills’ presents a two-person exhibition showcasing historically important work by Anna Atkins (1799-1871) and Margaret Watkins (1884-1969), who made pioneering photographic work in the 19th and 20th centuries respectively. All works in this exhibition will be on loan from collections in Scotland.

Fascinated by science and art, Anna Atkins became one of the earliest pioneers of photography. In 1843, she started to produce British Algae; Cyanotype Impressions, the first book ever to be illustrated with photographs. The cyanotype process allowed her to experiment with a new method of accurately depicting botanical specimens in a book.

The modernist photographer Margaret Watkins had a successful career in New York and was active in the Clarence White school of photography before circumstances led to her relocation to Glasgow in the late 1920s. Her work became largely forgotten until, after her death, hundreds of photographs were discovered by her friend and neighbour.

We are grateful to the lenders to this exhibition: Glasgow Museums, Joe Mulholland/Hidden Lane Gallery, Glasgow and Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.


Stills Tasters: Cyanotypes
Join us in Stills for a hands-on Cyanotype taster session inspired by our Anna Atkins exhibition.

Stills Tasters are designed to give you the opportunity to engage with the skills and techniques used by artists in Stills’ exhibitions.

Using one of the first photographic techniques still widely practiced today, the taster session will:
- Include an inspiring tour of the Anna Atkins exhibition
- Guide you through the steps involved in making Cyanotype prints
- Allow you to make your own prints to take home
- Provide you with comprehensive instructions so that you can make your own prints at home.

Saturday 16 May, Ages 16+. Book online 
Saturday 30 May, Ages 10-16. Book online


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Image: Anna Atkins Ptilota Sericea, (circa 1843) cyanotype © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection