Cockburn Street Cinema 2009

18 Dec 2009 - 5 Jan 2010


Stills is delighted to announce another Cockburn Street Cinema presentation for the Christmas and New Year season: screened directly onto Stills' windows throughout the long, dark evenings of the festive period.

Screening 3pm - 9pm on December 18 - 23, 26 - 30 and January 02 - 05. Free


Jason Dee We'll revisit the scenes of our youth


Jason Dee’s film is a reconfiguration of “Letter from an Unknown Woman” (1948), set in Vienna around 1900.

Told in flashbacks of seductive, swirling reverie the film is one of classical Hollywood’s most perfect explorations of desire, memory and fate and is a rare mainstream film that is itself a profound meditation on illusion.

We revisit the scene in which the rakish pianist (played by Louis Jourdan) and the infatuated 'unknown woman' (Joan Fontaine) are in a fairground taking a 'ride' on a stationary train.

Dee freezes the couple as they are beginning to flirt with each other so that we see them more as actors or models than the characters they are portraying. On the adjacent screen the old man peddles his stationary bicycle - and the landscape continues to pass by their window.

It is a scene of self-conscious seduction, both of the woman and the audience - she and we will only be 'swept off our feet' and into the delirium of the man/film if we want to be. Presented as a loop we are free to move between involvement and distance from the images, or simply to fall in and out of the illusion.

David Campany (2009)


Jason Dee has been a member of Stills’ Residency Programme since 2008. He was born in Sunderland in 1968 and now lives in Glasgow. He studied photography at Northumbria University and completed an MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2001. He has since exhibited widely in Britain, Europe and North America.

Video Credit: Jason Dee We'll revisit the scenes of our youth, 2004