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Lady Lazarus (detail), Sandra Lahire (courtesy of LUX, London)
13 Sep 2010 - 24 Oct 2010
Slide show: 
Enrico Cocozza, Masquerade ,1953, 16' (courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive)
Enrico Cocozza, Masquerade ,1953, 16' (courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive)
Katy Dove, Stop it, 2006, 5' (courtesy of the artist)
Stephen Sutcliffe, Vacillation, 2008, 35 secs (courtesy of the artist)
Margaret Tait, Aerial, 1974, 4' (courtesy of Scottish Screen Archive)

Curated by Dr Sarah Smith

Stills' Film Lounge presents an exciting new programme of films that evoke the poetic in the moving image.

Ranging from the poignant to the playful, these films either engage directly with literature or experiment with the pure poetry of abstraction. Through orchestrated layers of image and sound they each provide absorbing moments that resonate long after we've stopped looking.

The programme brings together works by Orcadian poet, painter and filmmaker, Margaret Tait, Scots-Italian writer, academic and amateur filmmaker Enrico Cocozza, key feminist experimental filmmaker of 1980s and 1990s, Sandra Lahire and more recent works by Glasgow based artists Stephen Sutcliffe and Katy Dove.


Enrico Cocozza
  Masquerade ,1953, 16'
Katy Dove 
  Stop it, 2006, 5'
Sandra Lahire 
  Lady Lazarus, 1991, 25'
Stephen Sutcliffe
  Vacillation, 2008, 35 secs
Margaret Tait
  Aerial, 1974, 4'


Monday 4 October 6.30pm FREE

Dr Sarah Smith lectures in historical and critical studies at the Glasgow School of Art. She will be discussing her selections for the Film Lounge programme and relating them to broader ideas surrounding the practice of Cinépoetry.

Dr Ryan Shand is a lecturer in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies at the university of Glasgow. His research interests are the history and aesthetics of amateur film, British cinema and media practice. He will be discussing the work of Scottish-Italian film-maker, writer and academic, Enrico Cocozza, unpicking the themes which permeate his work and specifically examining the film Masquerade.

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Image credit; Lady Lazarus (detail), Sandra Lahire (courtesy of LUX, London)