Film Lounge | Immigration Stories

1 Oct 2013 - 27 Oct 2013

Immigration Stories is presented in partnership with Africa in Motion, Scotland's African Film Festival and Document film festival 2013.

Immigrations Stories sits within Stills’ three year research project ‘Image/Identity’ exploring how the movement of people from one place to another has become a normal part of contemporary society through themes of migration, diaspora, transnationalism and multi-culturalism.

Africa in Motion 2013 festival there is ‘Twende: Africa on the Move’ (‘twende’ is a Swahili word which means ‘let’s go!’) capturing Africa’s diverse richness and beauty through movement. The festival will run from 23 October to 03 November and will include a programme of film screenings, symposiums, distribution forms and through their Nomad Cinema series, educations workshops, music performances and arts exhibitions. For further information on the full programme please have a look on the website.

Film Lounge Programme:

Where is Billet (2011), Paul James Gomez, 20 minutes

Tu Seras Mon Allie (You will be my Ally) (2012), Rosine Mbakam, 20 minutes

Fragments of a Love Story (2011), Sana Bilgrami, 15 minutes

Courage (2011), Rana Ali, Karima Hussaini and others, 2 minutes 10 seconds

I am Real (2011) Benjamin Hunter, 12 minutes

Destitution (2012) Chris Leslie, 8 minutes

Making it Home (2011), Rana Ali, Karima Hussaini and others, 2 minutes 10 seconds

Making it Home - The Making of (2011), Rana Ali, Karima Hussaini and others, 10 minutes

Our Life Stories - Episode One: Tawona from Zimbabwe (2011), Gameli Tordzro, 40 minutes

Here We Stay (2012), Scottish Refugee Council & the Citizens Theatre, 30 minutes

Joy, It’s Nina (2012), Joy Elias-Rilvan and Jane Thorburn, 34 minutes

All works courtesy the artists

Further information on the each of the works can be found here.

Africa in Motion festival was founded in 2006, initiated to introduce Scottish audiences to the brilliance of African cinema and to overcome the under-representation and marginalisation of African film in British film culture and to also provide a platform for African film-makers to exhibit in Scotland.  

Document is the only dedicated international human rights documentary film festival in Scotland, a grassroots initiative that aims to use film as an advocacy tool to raise the profile and promote debate of human rights and social issues across the globe. 

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