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Francesco Jodice, Dubai_Citytellers (2010), Courtesy of GalleriaMichelaRizzo
19 Jan 2013 - 21 Apr 2013


The ECONOMY Film Lounge includes moving-image works that demonstrate the diversity of creative responses to capitalism’s global dominance since the 1990s. Addressing four of the ECONOMY keywords (work, spectres, crisis, exodus), the selected works have been produced by artists, documentarists, activists and curators. They tackle subjects as varied as obsolescence, alternative economies, social processes of radicalisation, the contribution of intellectuals to anti-capitalist struggle and much more.

Film Lounge is a purpose-built screening room which provides a comfortable environment for the viewing of moving-image works. Visitors are invited to select from a menu of films which can then be seen from start to finish. As part of the ECONOMY project two Film Lounge screening evenings will also be presented in CCA’s cinema. Please see the events pages and website for further details.

Film Lounge will be open seven days a week, 11am - 6pm*. 


Michael Glawogger (Austria) 
Workingman’s Death (2005) 

Courtesy of Paul Thiltges Distributions

We have been told that we increasingly labour with our minds rather than our bodies. Michael Glawogger’s epic and visually compelling documentary tells a different story, one where body and mind become enmeshed in the everyday struggle to remain alive, both by securing work and by managing to avoid death at work. Workingman’s Death is part of Glawogger’s extraordinary trilogy on how people work around the world and an in-depth investigation into the inescapable biopolitical and embodied dimension of labour. As The New York Times put it: ‘is this for real, and is it ok to like it?’

Francesco Jodice (Italy)
Dubai_Citytellers (2010)
57' 45'' 

Courtesy of GalleriaMichelaRizzo, Venice

Dubai_Citytellers offers a shocking portrait of the Middle East’s key tourist destination and business city. What really powers Dubai’s exemplary growth and is everyone there happy, enjoying the good life? The film offers an incisive critique of ‘development’ as a condition that actively generates cheap labour. The documentary indicates that capitalism routinely requires such hyper-exploitable labour irrespective of the local characteristics of the development context.

Maria Ruido (Spain)
Real Time (2003)

Courtesy of the artist

Maria Ruido is one of Spain’s new generation of politically engaged artists whose work is focused on the ongoing transformation of labour. Ruido’s video Real Time brings forth the issue of women working in precarious conditions and can be associated with the rise of a new feminist aesthetic in the wake of globalisation – an aesthetic woven around uses of the document and documentation. Real Time makes connections between the persistent gendering of work in contemporary capitalism and the more ethereal and elusive gendering of time as such, inviting us to rethink how notions of ‘the real’ are constructed and to what effect. 


*Please note that on few occasions the Film Lounge will be closed due to courses. Please phone ahead to check 0131 622 6200

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Image Francesco Jodice, Dubai_Citytellers (2010), Courtesy of GalleriaMichelaRizzo, Venice