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Ritual  Michael Hoepfner (2012)
29 Jun 2012 - 22 Jul 2012

Curated by Elisa Lenhard and Francesco Solero

In association with Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012

Programme of contemporary video works (from Turin's well established annual programme TORINOver and will explore the hybridity of Turin's artistic networks as part of culturally borderless Europe.

I was here, Rebecca Agnes (2012) 1.30 minutes

A Clara, Paola Anziché (2012) 3.26 minutes

Into The Wild (eight months later), Franco Ariaudo (2011) 1.12 minutes

THM, Donika Çina (2010) 3 minutes

Exclave, Simona Da Pozzo (2010) 5 minutes

Raftsundet, Misha de Ridder (2011) 3 minutes

The day trip project, Julien Discrit (2011) 2.47 minutes

Inbuilt render ghosts, Eastern Surf (2012) 3 minutes

Destination-less, Matej Jarc (2012) 3 minutes

Estratto dal film La montagna di Nietzsche, viaggio con Gianni Vattimo, Erion Kadilli (2011) 90 seconds

Polyglotte grâce à Babel, Judit Kurtàg (2002) 3.30 minutes

Anemone Mirabilis, Hilario Isola e Matteo Norzi (2010) 4 minutes

ShorakapoK, Antonio Rovaldi / Michael Höpfner (2009) 5 minutes

Making Sidi Ali Rainbow, Marrakech, Eric Van Hove (2011) 3 minutes

Folksong, Kathrin Wolkowicz (2006) 2.12 minutes
 ** Please note this video contains strong language not suitable for children.

Image, Ritual Michael Hoepfner (2012) Image courtesy of TORINOver



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