Katy Dove & Sarah Pucill

21 Dec 2007 - 6 Jan 2008
Slide show: 
Katy Dove, Motor Head, 2002, Animated Film, 3mins
Sarah Pucill, You Be Mother, 1990, 16mm, 7mins
Stills, 2008
Stills, 2008

A unique open air artist film screening every Christmas and New Year in the heart of Edinburgh.

Showing Daily 3pm – 9pm FREE

Katy Dove & Sarah Pucill. Curated by Seonaid Frame.

Cockburn Street Cinema will be screened direct onto Stills’ windows throughout the long, dark nights of the festive period.

In the films of Sarah Pucill and Katy Dove we see images of the subconscious and everyday, domestic objects brought to life as abstract forms replete with thought and emotion. The two artists vary widely in their approach, processes and aesthetics, but share an interest in the subconscious and links to surrealism and abstraction.

In You Be Mother, Sarah Pucill animates three-dimensional objects by projecting still images onto their surfaces. Classic conventions of painting and photography, as well as still life and formal composition, underpin the film. Using stop frame animation, Pucill constructs scenes into a fluid, hallucinatory and transformative animation, giving value to the internal power of the unconscious alongside its opposite, rational world.

The gliding choreography of geometric shapes in Katy Dove’s works construct a visual language rooted in perception and the hallucinatory experience. Starting with an ‘automatic drawing’ - like the automatic, stream of consciousness writing produced by the Surrealists - Katy combines handmade and digital animation techniques to represent the idea of a thought or an emotion in a basic abstract way.

Image credits
Katy Dove, Gondla, 2005, Animated Film, 3.20 mins , Sarah Pucill, You Be Mother, 1990, 16mm, 7mins , Katy Dove, Motor Head, 2002, Animated Film, 3mins