My Big Beating Voice: Art, Suffrage and the Politics of being a Young Woman of Colour

Stills are proud to host a week-long exhibition showcasing work made by women through workshops run by Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and Amina – Muslim Women’s Resource Centre

‘My Big Beating Voice: Art, Suffrage and the Politics of being a Young Woman of Colour’ is a multi-media exhibition, showcasing the voices and views of young ethnic minority and/or Muslim women and girls, in response to the centenary of some women first gaining the right to vote in the UK.

'My Big Beating Voice' is a joint project run by Amina Muslim Women's Resource Centre and Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. It aims to provide a safe space for Muslim and/or ethnic minority young women and girls to come together to explore and express their voices and views through creative methods such as creative writing, art and storytelling. It is funded by The Spirit of Women Changemakers Grant from Spirit 2012 and the Fawcett Society.

For more about 'My Big Beating Voice' visit :

*open 11am - 6pm, not Sunday 18th March.