Stills Hosts: Beyond The Invisible

1 Apr 2019 - 8 Apr 2019

Renowned photographer Rankin will showcase new work from a unique collaboration with life savings company Standard Life and charity Endometriosis UK.

Beyond The Invisible is a photography and film-led exploration of the debilitating invisible illness, endometriosis, as told through the powerful stories of women who suffer from the condition.

The exhibition, which features portraits of a variety of women, including TV presenter Julia Bradbury and journalist Emma Barnett, uses augmented reality technology to unlock short films that tell the real life stories of adversity, perseverance and hope, behind the imagery.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the often unique challenges faced by those living with endometriosis, with around 1.5 million women currently affected in the UK.

Entry to the exhibition is free.

You can donate to Endometriosis UK which provides vital support services, reliable information and a community for those affected by the condition.

“It’s crazy that one in ten women are living with Endometriosis in the UK and yet, so few people know or talk about it. It’s a disease that needs more focus, more funding and more companies like Standard Life to stand up for the millions of women suffering in pain every day in the UK.” - Rankin


Image by: Rankin