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Edinburgh Art Festival: Art Late 13

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Art Late 13, Stills 2010
Art Late 13, Stills 2010
Art Late 13, Stills 2010
Art Late 13, Stills 2010
Art Late 13, Stills 2010





Stills was delighted to be part of ArtLate 13, a new initiative from Edinburgh Art Festival aiming to get more young people into art galleries.

The event was a huge success and was held across three venues - Stills, The Collective Gallery and the Henderson Gallery. The organisers, aged 17 -18, came up with the theme 'this is me' and arranged a great night of events, performances and the opportunity to create your own art.

Here in Stills there was a chance to make your own postcard revealing something about yourself - something from your past - secrets, achievements or memories. The postcards were (anonymously) displayed in the gallery for the evening providing entertainment for the passing crowds.

Comedian Phil Nicol provided more great entertainment for the evening, running up to Stills after his show at The Stand comedy club to entertain the masses and humiliate the kids by dragging unsuspecting adults onto the floor for a rendition of 'The Only Gay Eskimo in the Tribe'.

Over the road at the Collective Gallery activities concentrated on the present and the Henderson Gallery explored the future.

Congratulations to the organisers - a lot of fun had by all!

Presented in collaboration with Edinburgh Art Festival

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The Pursuit of Fidelity

Image credit; The Pursuit of Fidelity (detail) 1997 - 1998 Gelatin Silver Print

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