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Catherine Aitken, Comptonville/Campbell, Dinda Fass, Hazel Frost Ceramics, Joanna Robson, Kathryn Duncan, Lynda Wilson, Milomade, Marion Archibald, Nmarra, Rhona Taylor, Travelling Basket

Pick up beautiful, handmade jewellery and accessories, home-furnishings, ceramics and original artworks from Stills' Christmas Market in our gallery space on Cockburn Street on the weekend of the 9th & 10th December, 11am - 6pm. It's a fantastic opportunity to buy unique Christmas Gifts for that special someone, while supporting local makers.

Catherine Aitken:
Catherine Aitken is an Edinburgh-based accessories brand working with the heritage cloths of Scotland, including Harris Tweed, Fife Linens, waxed cottons from Dundee. These cloths are designed intuitively to create contemporary accessories for the modern urban adventurer. Proudly designed and handcrafted in Catherine’s studio in Leith, the bi-annual collections are inspired by people on the move, the city break lover, and created for those who want to connect with beauty, purpose and provenance. Catherine’s sustainable, slow fashion that's practical as well as stylish, has found her fans all over the UK and internationally. 

comptonville\campbell is a newly launched fashion company that produces unisex accessories. The company was formed to address issues of fast throwaway fashion and sustainability. It focuses on solid craftsmanship with micro manufacturing processes, bridging the gap between high fashion, craft and design. All materials are sourced locally and nationally, where possible and include waxed cottons dyed in Scotland

Dinda Fass:
Dinda Fass is a photographic artist with a practice that spans across photography, video and text and poetry. Dinda’s work combines a personal photographic archive made over a 20-year period with more recent found photographs and images from various sources. Dinda combines photography with other visual elements, such as text, drawings, diagrams and postcards. Original prints, (framed and unframed), collages, posters, small artists books, and cards will be available at our Christmas Market.

Hazel Frost:
Hazel Frost is a ceramicist living and working in Northumberland. Hazel works primarily on the potters wheel using a wide range of stoneware clays, slips and glazes to create unique tableware and decorative vessels. Hazel’s work reflects the natural world around her, taking inspiration from the tones and textures found in the Northumberland landscape. 

Joanna Robson:
Joanna creates limited edition artists’ books made from etchings and laser cut paper. She uses concertina books as a format for visual storytelling, creating three dimensional landscapes and narratives through the layering of the paper. These books can be displayed as large, panoramic paper structures. Joanna has previously exhibited at Summerhall, Edinburgh Printmakers, Out of the Blue, St Margaret's House Christmas Markets.

Kathryn Duncan: (only on Sunday 10th December)
Kathryn Duncan's jewellery is a blend of contemporary luxury style and lasting artistry. It can be styled in so many personal eclectic ways - each piece of jewellery even has its own unique name and story from ancient times and bygone eras. All of Kathryn Duncan's jewellery is made in the UK from 18-karat gold-plating, sterling silver, gemstones and semiprecious stones.

Lynda Wilson:
Lynda Wilson is an Edinburgh-based artist working in drawing, painting, printmaking and artist books. Lynda is a member of Edinburgh Printmakers and of bound:unbound, a collective of 5 artists who work in artist book form as well as in their own particular mediums. Hand-printed Christmas cards and general cards, handmade Christmas decorations, handmade and bound sketch books and note books, mini monotypes and small artist books will be available at our Christmas Market.

Evie Milo is a jeweller, designer and maker working with rare and recycled materials. Her unusual jewellery is handcrafted with love and skill from collections of salvaged and recycled silver and reclaimed copper plumbing pipes. Affectionately known as the 'spoon lady', Evie predominantly works with recycled silver in the form of salvaged antique sterling silver teaspoons. These are re-imagined and transformed into items with a new beauty and charm.

Marion Archibald
Marion Archibald's research and practice is rooted in her interest in the journeys that we all take in our lives, both literal and figurative. Her work records ambiguous and uninhabited places, each with their own unique presence; places that we have moved through and left behind on our journey. Primarily working with photography, Marion also incorporates video, found objects, artist books and small-scale sculptures into her practice. Artist books, hand-bound books incorporating alternative photographic processes, including cyanotypes, cards and various prints will be available at our Christmas Market.

Nmarra jewellery emerged from experiments with photo-etching sheet brass. Designer Jen Stewart was keen to exploit the material qualities and warm golden colour of the brass to produce some wearable designs. Nmarra designs are bold and graphic, drawing from inspirations in the natural world to structures in our built environment. All items are hand finished in Glasgow, using local suppliers and with component parts sourced from within the UK wherever possible. The earrings are lightweight and easy to wear, with gold plated hooks or chemically bonded gold plated stud posts and butterfly scrolls to keep ears comfortable. 

Rhona Taylor:
Rhona Taylor is a visual artist, primarily a painter and printmaker, and makes work ranging from large-scale installations to small paintings and screenprints on wood, paper and acrylic. Much of Rhona’s work is based on the sea, remote places, navigation and collective identity. She has recently started using text as well as imagery her work. A selection of prints and small paintings on paper, plywood and acrylic sheets will be available at our Christmas Market.

Travelling Basket:
Travelling Basket sets out to bring the beauty of traditional and innovative hand crafted products to UK markets. The organisation seeks out and develops lasting relationships with all their makers to support sustainable businesses and traditional crafts. Travelling Basket value products that have proven themselves through design, material and craftsmanship to be dependable. Handmade willow baskets, pottery, quality household and kitchen goods, apiary supplies, 100% beeswax candles, natural sheep skin rugs, woollen and wooden products will be available at our Christmas Market.

Troll's Eye Crafts
The maker behind Troll's Eye Crafts is Los Angeles born Danielle Ray. Danielle studied textile and jewellery design at California State University and Parsons School of Design in New York. She moved to London in 1987 and now lives and works in the Scottish Borders where she produces beautifully handcrafted leather goods, including bags and purses.