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Caroline Douglas
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week 1. Introduction to the cameras
week 1. Introduction to studio flash.
week 2. Shooting on location.
week 2. Shooting on location.
week 2. Shooting on location.
week 3. Introduction to darkrooms.
week 3. Introduction to darkrooms.
week 3. Introduction to darkrooms.
week 4. Negative scanning.
week 4. Photoshop Re-touching.

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The Project
Earlier this year, Creative Electric, an Edinburgh group led by Heather Marshall that aims to provide accessible arts activities to the Edinburgh community, consulted with a group of young people about the issues they are faced with when it comes to mass media, identity and individuality. Through this consultation the group decided they would like to explore these issues by way of a photography project. And in such a digital world, the young people pointed out the present 'perfect photo' trend for taking photos on such social networks like Bebo, Myspace and Facebook; digital photography allowed the opportunity to endlessly delete photos they didn't like and keep trying for the 'perfect photo'. They felt the element of suprise was lost.

So the group looked into alternative ways of taking photographs and photography trends and decided on a Lomographic photography project that would allow them a unique photography experience that would challenge their current perceptions of what a photograph should be.

Of those consulted few had used instant cameras and none had used lomographic cameras.When the concept of Lomographic photography, in particular fish eye, was explained to the group many of the young people were excited, intrigued and the majority stated that this was something they'd like to try. So when exploring the '10 Rules' from the Lomographic Society, the young people were particuarly interested in the very different concept of 'shooting from the hip', a far cry from today's digital camera LCD screens so readily used when taking a photograph.

Social Context
In todays society we are given an image that we are meant to adhere to. The media presents us with perfects bodies and those that are not deemed perfect are featured in magazines with red rings highlighting their imperfections. Creative Electric believes that this is damaging to young people. Being a teenager should be about having fun and experimenting with different looks. Its hard enough being a teenager without the media implying that the way you look is wrong.Lomographic photography moves away from the idea of the instant, perfect photograph and instead replaces it with a fun, experimental one.

The Workshops 
Over a course of six weeks the participants on the workshop have been given the chance to explore more traditional ways of taking a photograph through 35mm black & white film photography, developing and printing in Stills' darkrooms, as well as shooting medium format colour film and learning some digital post processing techiniques like film scanning.

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