Based at: 
Stills, Edinburgh Printmakers and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

Re:Create is a collaboration between the public in Edinburgh and artists with the purpose of exploring contemporary visual art.

This involved groups and individuals coming to Stills, Edinburgh Printmakers and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop to find out about what we do, to get to know some of the artists we work with and spending time creating their own artworks – either using photography, digital media, printmaking or sculpture – or all of them!

So far, Re:Create has worked with over 2,000 people in Edinburgh and we’re always looking for more!

If you are interested in working with us either on your own or as part of a group, please contact

Over the years, Stills has worked with Edinburgh groups Artlink, Columcille Centre, Dosti, Stepping Stones, Garvald Centre Edinburgh, Granton Literacy Project, MECOPP (Minority Ethnic Carers of Older People Project), The Orchard Centre, The Rock Trust, Saheliya, Waverly Care Solas and Whale Art Agency and artists Chris Dooks, Paul Gray, Carrie Maginn, John Morrison, Leena Nammari, July Read and Mairi Taylor and many more...

Re:create 2 will concentrate on three artists Caroline Douglas, Aimee Bogacz and Alice Betts and continue to explore ideas by artist Leena Nammari and Douglas Flockhart.

Re:Create artists will be trained in Stills, EP and ESW specialisms and through a programme of research, training, critical mentorship and masterclases concerning social engaged practice in order to develop their artistic practice while collaborating with groups and individuals. Through this process we will be creating a new model for public engagement with contemporary art between artists and audiences:

  • by developing artists’ working practice to become more sensitive to and skilled in meeting participants’ needs
  • by providing creative activities, which are more closely focused upon artistic practice and which enable the participant to have a greater level of insight into, and therefore confidence in the methods and works of the artist.

These activities will further enable Stills, Edinburgh Printmakers and ESW to share resources, training and expertise, while increasing opportunities for collaboration with audiences, artists and the public. And by further embedding this work within our creative programmes, participant needs and customer focus will remain integral within our organisations.