Re:Create Artist in Residence- Aimee Bogacz

Aimee Bogacz
Based at: 
Edinburgh Printmakers

Inspired by her daily observations of people and their surroundings Aimee explores the more curious aspects of human behaviour often recording specific instances through photography and film. Through drawing, painting and collage Aimee plays with the idea of fiction and reality, her experimentations with scale produce a range of works from miniature wall drawings to eight foot mannequin cut-outs. ‘Collaged from newspapers my imagery is often produced from elements of popular culture. I extract images from articles that I find visually striking and that inspire me to compose an original drawing with a new narrative’.

With a wide experience in developing creative projects with young people, Aimee set up Fizzy Milk in 2003, an alternative art class for young people that focuses on producing and engaging with contemporary art. The project continues to date with a successful and sustainable programme of art projects and events and is in the process of acquiring a space for a gallery. Through her Re:Create residency Aimee hopes to merge her individual practice with her social practice while getting to grips with printmaking techniques and, in particular, etching.