Salt of the Earth Schools Photography Workshop & Exhibition

Leanora Olmi
Based at: 
National Museum of Scotland and Stills
Slide show: 
'Caught in a frame', Natasha Price, Boroughmuir High School
' 'Ello', 'Ello?', Rae Yen Song, Boroughmuir High School
'Deep in thought', Louise Cunningham, Dalziel High School
'Cosmic Girl', Linzi Goodwin, Dalziel High School
'Trapped', Victoria Gaffeny, Dalziel High School
'Fallen Star', Carla Hughes, Dalziel High School
'Before the Performance', Grace Cunningham, Dalziel High School
'The Grizzle', Tamsin Smith, Dalziel High School
'Vulnerable', Lynn Barclay, Dalziel High School
'Incomplete', Lee Diamond, Dalziel High School
'Untitled', Alison Wood, Firrhill High School
'Untitled', Craig Gilroy, Firrhill High School
'Just Chris', Craig Gilroy, Firrhill High School
'Untitled', Ellen Macdonald, Firrhill High School
'Dimensions', Jonathan Tighe, Firrhill High School
'Tankman', Grant Robertson, Firrhill High School
'A View from the Culture', Jade-Lauren Stewart, Forrester High School
'Edinburgh City from afar', Lindsey Miller, Forrester High School
'Shonagh', Thando Mitaya, Royal High School
'Looking Down', Victoria McLachlan, Royal High School
'Victoria', Heather Paterson, Royal High School




















Salt of the Earth Schools Photography Workshop & Exhibition
During November 2009, 36 Higher Art & Design students from 6 Secondary schools worked with the National Museum of Scotland (NMS) and Stills, Scotland’s Centre for Photography to take part in a portrait photography workshop based on Craig Mackay’s Salt of the Earth exhibition at NMS. Run by professional photographer Leanora Olmi, the workshop was designed to provide students with a clearer understanding of portrait photography and to contribute to the expressive aspect of their Art & Design portfolios.

The students spent their first session in the National Museum of Scotland, where, following a technical introduction to the Single Lens Reflex cameras being used, they worked in pairs in locations throughout the museum, taking photographs of their partner. Taking their friend’s personality as the basis for the portrait, the photographer had to direct all aspects of the shoot including selecting the location, the use of props and costume, the pose and expression they wished their model to strike as well as lighting, composition and framing. This was followed by a session at Stills darkrooms where the students were able to hand print their images and learn about the equipment involved in this process.

Following the workshop, students, their teachers and family & friends attended an exhibition of their work in the Museum of Scotland. This provided a perfect opportunity to celebrate the work of these talented young people as well as a chance for them to compare and critique their work.

“Thanks very much for the great opportunity the pupils had at the photography workshop. They got a lot out of it and loved it. The feedback was very positive.”

“The most enjoyable aspect of the workshop was using the cameras and exploring the museum.”

“Only having 6 frames was a great way to emphasize taking good photography….you need to prepare more”

“The most enjoyable part of the workshop was exploring light and different angles and learning a bit more about how to work a camera as well as being creative.”

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