Brogan Ramm, Graduate Award 2013

Brogan Ramm likes to bring to the forefront that which exists in the shadows: focusing on the forgotten or ignored details that surround us in all aspects of our lives. Having used her time at art school to experiment with different methodologies and media, her work manifests in a variety of finished styles however always seemingly with a subconsciously eerie, hollow presence throughout.

A Study, a series of ‘portraits’ of plus sockets and light switches, was born of ideas concerning the sudden death of her grandfather, but the aforementioned sense of emptiness permeated it. The same can be said for Remnants of Life – matter of fact, deliberate images, of mundane details that exist around us, however again, slowly, this presence has filtered through, becoming a conscious and key element in her work.

In her most recent body of work, The Rehearsal, a series of portraits created using a pinhole camera obscura constructed atop a flatbed scanner, this presence is overwhelming. Born from her fascination with early photographic practice these three-minute exposures create images that consist of aligned moments, rather than overlaid ones. This prolonged stillness compromises the subject’s authenticity, through their subtle movements in a manner that is much less obvious than these early photographic images – generating an unsettling, haunting aura around the works.

Slide show: 
1.	‘Remnants of Life’ (2013) Brogan Ramm
2.	‘A Study’ (2013) Brogan Ramm
3.	‘The Rehearsal’ (2013) Brogan Ramm
4. ‘The Nothing’ (2013)  Brogan Ramm
5.	‘The Rehearsal’ (2013) Brogan Ramm
6.	‘The Rehearsal’ (2013) Brogan Ramm

Brogan Ramm (B. 1991) lives and works between Glasgow and Edinburgh. She received a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Photography at Glasgow School of Art in 2013. Recent awards and exhibitions include Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art (RGI) Graduate Prize Award (2013); Best of Degree Show (2013), Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow and Untitled (2013), Glue Factory, Glasgow. Forthcoming exhibitions include: 4 Scottish Schools, A. Gallery, Glasgow; Royal Glasgow Institutes 152nd Annual Show, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow and RGI Prize Show, The Kelly Gallery, Glasgow.