Lyndsay Mann

Each scenario frames the viewer as an interloper, an interruption to be confronted or absorbed.

Mann creates series of self-contained works. Combined through careful installation, these independent entities assert an open space which plays host to a series of ongoing dialogues.

Lyndsay Mann takes both an emotional and pragmatic route to understanding systems of control, and the more subtle aspects manifest in everyday experience.

Physically placed within the dynamic, the viewer becomes party to the created tensions between works.

“Working with sound and moving images at Stills has been an intuitive development for me in continuing my research through process.”
Lyndsay Mann

Slide show: 
animal : object #2, Large. 2009
FOUR gallery installation, 2009
animal : object #2. (detail) 2008
Patriothall Gallery installation, 2008
International Studio installation, 2008
ADORI 21, (extrapolated). 2008
LHS: ADORI#21, 2007  RHS: Ritual Beats, 2007
SURVEY installation, Royal Scottish Academy The Overlook, part 2, 2007

Lyndsay Mann studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. She is currently participating in the Stills Gallery artist residency programme in Edinburgh. Last year she completed the International Studio Residency at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin and previously spent six months living and working in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include: Supermarket art fair, Stockholm 2009; Lyndsay Mann & Ewan Robertston, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop 2008; SURVEY, Royal Scottish Academy 2007