Morwenna Kearsley, AiR 2012 (Artist in Residence)


Morwenna Kearsley's artistic practice predominantly features analogue photographic processes. She continues to work with film and wet darkrooms long after the dominant take-over of digital photography not only out of support for a declining art form but because the slow, meditative process of capturing light and creating the photographic print is essential to the way she relates to the visual world.

Kearsley's interest has always been in alternative or antiquated photographic processes and their histories, which she has developed further this year by learning the technique of wet-plate collodion.

These processes described above are inextricably linked to her practice in conceptual terms as well. Kearsley's work is mainly figurative and she looks for shape and tone within an image. Her photographs feel very intimate, as though the viewer is looking in to a situation that he/she has stumbled across and is voyeuristically observing.

She enjoys collecting found photographs of both strangers and her own family which she sometimes re-uses in her own work but which act as inspiration regardless.

"There is always something hiding in my photographs; I am trying to create a tension between what you can see and what you want to see, to tell you the first part of a story and then cut you loose."


Slide show: 
December Silver Gelatin Print on Fibre Paper, 2010
Teeth Wet-Plate Collodion, 2012
Mother Hand Printed Multiple Negatives, 2006
 Untitled from the series 'There is No Monument', 2007

Morwenna Kearsley (1983, edinburgh) is a photographic artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She recieved a 1st-Class BA(Hons) degree in Photography, Film and Imaging from Napier University in 2007 and since then has worked as an exhibiting artist and freelance tutor. Morwenna is currently based at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh where she teaches a range of courses and workshops.


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