Nicky Bird

Nicky Bird is currently a resident artist at Stills, working on a new project entitled Peripheral Visions: Photography & Placemaking at Scotland’s Rural Edge.

This project proposes to bring together the themes of land, photography and other interdisciplinary practices to enable dialogue about pasts and futures related to Scotland’s ‘fragile’ rural communities. Some of these communities lie on the edges of cities, while others are more remote. ‘Fragility’ is a contested term implying social and economic vulnerability on the one side, while on the other, evokes more aesthetic connotations – such as delicate beauty or balance.

During the residency, Nicky will investigate what photographic approaches are needed to visualize ‘fragility’ in specific locations with a network of key participants. Watch this space for updates, and also for Nicky’s plan to establish a Stills ‘Reading the Landscape’ Research Group.

Nicky’s project is supported through the Glasgow School of Art’s Research Leave and Knowledge Exchange Schemes. For information on Nicky’s previous work at Stills, see her commissioned body of work Beneath the Surface/Hidden Place’ (2007-2010).