Oliver Godow

Oliver Godow’s poetic, incisive photographs observe fragments and details of urban spaces and objects and reveal how environments are adapted through use. His work demonstrates a fascination with the way the unregulated, rich surroundings of cities provides a ground for people to make interventions both by choice and necessity; adapting and transforming their environments both in public and in private. Godow’s images offer access to fragments of the world that we struggle through and brush past on a daily basis. Their quiet melancholy is often met by a wry smile, a delight in the anthropomorphic qualities of architecture and the potency of a detail isolated and identified.

Slide show: 
Nicht meher, Berlin
World Beyond
Not a chair that is
Stairways II
Construction time IV

Born in Luebeck, Germany in 1969, Godow gained a BA in Photography from Bournemouth University (1994) before completing an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art (1997).

Map 12 (pdf / 224KB)
European Photography No.81 (pdf / 1.1MB)

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