Cindy Sherman


Cindy Sherman
Photographs by Cindy Sherman
Words by Paul Moorhouse, with contributions by Erika Balsom, Magda Keaney, and Rochelle Steiner
Published in 2019 by National Portrait Gallery Publications
315 x 240mm
Illustrations Approx. 250 Extent 256pp
Word Count Approx. 20,000 words

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Cindy Sherman is one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Using make-up, wigs and costumes to transform her appearance, and incorporating references the modern culture, she photographs herself in the guises of various fictitious characaters. Surveying the development of Sherman’s work from the mid-1970s to the present, this book explores the artist’s engagement with our images-obsessed society and the questions she raises about the meaning of appearances.

This book was published in tandem with the Cindy Sherman retrospective at The National Portrait Gallery, London, in 2019.

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