Hinges Between Days – Elin Jakobsdòttir


Hinges Between Days
Photographs by Elin Jakobsdòttir
Words by Kirsten Lloyd, Henrietta Huldisch
Published in 2010 by Stills Centre for Photography
148 x 210mm
42 pages

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Hinges Between Days

Produced to accompany Elín Jakobsdóttir first UK solo exhibition Hinges Between Days, curated by Kirsten Lloyd, this publication illustrates a sequence of objects, photographs and films which imbue everyday sights and experiences with the inscrutable logic of the subconscious.

Jakobsdóttir’s photographs depict the public terrain of parks, streets and graveyards, subtly skewed as if refracted through psychic space prior to inscription through the camera’s lens.  Repeatedley switching scale and viewpoint, creating an unsettling effect through her use of unfamiliar perspectives and peculiar juxtapositions.

The notion of passage is returned to in Jakobsdóttir’s three-dimensional works. Simply constructed from wood, paper and glass, their enigmatic shapes seem to occupy a liminal site somewhere between the imagination and reality.

Essays include ‘Projection Spaces’ Kirsten Lloyd and ‘ Hinges Between Days’ Henrietta Huldisch.

Elin Jakobsdòttir was born in Selfoss, Iceland, Elín Jakobsdóttir is currently based in Glasgow and Berlin. Since graduating from The Glasgow School of Art’s MFA programme in 2002 she has exhibited across Europe in Reims (Afterthought, IrmaVepLab, 2008), Berlin (Placemakers, Curators Without Borders, 2007) and Paris (Des Territoires, Ecôle des Beaux Arts, 2002). In 2004 she was commissioned by The Louvre Museum in Paris to produce a new 16mm film entitled Models. Now held in their collection, the piece was subsequently exhibited in Market Gallery as part of the 2005 Glasgow International festival.


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