Out from the Darkcloth: Intro to Large Format Photography


17 March 2024
Sunday, 11am—5pm

This one day course will introduce you to the large format 5×4″ view camera using our range of Intrepid MK3 cameras.


Tutor: Brittonie Fletcher

This short 1-day course will introduce you to the large format 5×4″ view camera using our range of Intrepid MK3 cameras. Large format simply refers to film size; the negatives produced are 5×4 inches, which lends itself to unrivalled image detail and quality. Hiding under a dark cloth to focus the image on the glass viewfinder, large format photography encourages us to slow down and carefully consider our image making decisions and choices. This format also produces images that are the perfect size to begin contact-printing in alternative and historic process or to enlarge for amazing detail.

By the end of the course, you will have an understanding of loading and using a 5×4 view camera, and shooting and contact-printing large format paper negatives.

We will explore the different parts of the large format camera and how they work, differences in shutters and lens lengths, loading dark slides and discuss film notch code. We will also look at some examples of negatives, contacts, prints, and discuss resolution and enlargement.

We will learn how to load 5×4″ film using dark slides and how to set up for our first exposures. Then we will move outside to shoot paper negatives, before returning to contact-print the negatives into positive images.


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Students, anyone over the age of 65, and those in receipt of any form of benefits can claim the concessionary price, offering a 10% discount on the full course price. Valid proof of eligibility must be produced on the first day of the course. Please use the code CONCESSION when prompted at checkout.