Artist Talk: Rosy Martin

19 Jun 2024

Join us at Stills for a talk by artist Rosy Martin about her work and career


’Transforming the suit: what does a lesbian look like?’  Rosy Martin in collaboration with Jo Spence

Join us at Stills for a talk by artist Rosy Martin, whose work is part of the exhibition ‘Women in Revolt! Art and Activism in the UK 1970-1990’, currently on display at the National Galleries of Scotland (Modern 2), Edinburgh.

During this discussion, Rosy will talk about her wide-ranging career and practice. She will talk about her collaboration with Jo Spence from 1983 and her pioneering re-enactment phototherapy , through her work in the 80’s and 90’s where she challenged viewer prejudices around lesbian/queer identities (including ‘Transforming the suit: what does a lesbian look like?’, on display as part of Women in Revolt) and into her recent projects, focusing on issues around representation of ageing for women, questioning what it means to be an old(er) woman.

About Rosy Martin
Rosy Martin (born 1946) is an artist-photographer, psychological-therapist, workshop leader, lecturer and writer. She explores the relationships between photography, memory, identities and unconscious processes using performative self-portraiture, still life photography and video. From 1983, with Jo Spence, she pioneered re-enactment phototherapy, which explores the psychic and social construction of identities through embodiment. She has exhibited internationally and published widely since 1985. Her practice explores issues including gender, sexualities, ageing, class, desire, memory, location, family dynamics, shame, bereavement, loss, grief and reparation.Collaborations include ‘Outrageous Agers’ with Kay Goodridge and ‘Gravity Gravitas’ with Verity Welstead. ‘Women in Revolt!’ is currently on display at the National Galleries of Scotland (Modern 2), Edinburgh

Extract from ‘I didn’t put myself down for sainthood’ Rosy Martin in collaboration with Verity Welstead

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