Event: Where Are The Disabled Photographers?

6 Jul 2024

Join us at Stills and online for an event bringing together photographers with the lived experience of disability working with photography.
Free via Eventbrite


Saturday 6 July
In-person & online
Free via Eventbrite

Join us at Stills and online for an event hosted by Disabled artist and Stills Creative Learning Co-Ordinator Louise McLachlan, bringing together photographers with the lived experience of disability working with photography.
This could be:

  • Photographic projects representing *disabled perspectives
  • Insight into materials & processes of working with photography
  • Strategies for sharing work in accessible ways, online and in person
  • Research around photography and disability

*This event is referencing Disability via the social model of disability. You can read more about the social model of disability definition here: https://www.scope.org.uk/about-us/social-model-of-disability/

This will be an event in Stills. On the day, we will be joined by artists presenting a short 5 minute presentation about themselves or their work, followed by an open discussion around photography and disability. All are welcome!

We hope to bring together photographers and artists working in this area to share resources and ideas, allowing connections and networks to be made that will allow us to support each other in expanding community, access and representation with Disabled artists working with photography.

If you would like to speak about yourself or your work at the event, please email louise.mclachlan@stills.org in advance with a short title or summary of your presentation and any access needs. There will be a screen available to present work on, or you are welcome to bring along some prints. We welcome participants to pre-record a presentation (with English captions) if they unable to attend in person. The event will be live streamed via Youtube with automated English captions. Deadline for work is Monday 24th June 10am

Stills is located near the bottom of Cockburn Street and painted white with big windows. The entrance is at street level and the door will be wide open upon arrival. When you come in, you’ll be greeted at reception and shown into the gallery. The gallery space has adjustable lighting. We have a ramp in the gallery space and lift access to other floors in the building.

All public areas of the building have non-stair access and all floors are accessible by a general-use lift. There is a library space upstairs with soft furnishings which folk are welcome to use as a quiet space before presenting or during the event. All our bathrooms are gender neutral. We have an accessible bathroom one floor down from the main gallery alongside all our individual bathrooms.

The event will be seated on chairs in the gallery space, with a maximum of 30 audience members. Print outs of speaker’s presentation slides will be available for attendees upon request prior to the event. Please let us know if you would like access to a virtual walk through of Stills prior to your visit. You are welcome to visit Stills prior to attending the event and get a sense of our space. We encourage attendees to wear masks unless exempt.

We have a small access budget. If you wish to present at the event and have access requirements, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate where possible.

If you have any specific access requirements for attending the event in person, please let us know when booking your ticket via Eventbrite.