Markéta Luskačova – On Death and Horses and Other People


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23 x 24cm near fine paperback exhibition catalogue contained within inner and outer card covers, signed by the Czech photographer, Luskacova on the title page. Marketa Luskacova’s On Death and Horses and Other People is a labour of love, an exploration of ritual, an expression of friendship and a testament to patience and perseverance. Luskacova began to photograph Czech Carnival in 1999. Since then shehas photographed more than 40 carnivals in Bohemian cities, towns and villages. This exhibition is comprised entirely from the photographs made as the carnival people of , a small town near Prague, walked over Bare Hill to the neighboring village of Unetice. Made over a 12-year span, Luskacova s photographs reveal as much about the artist as they do about her subjects. Trained as a sociologist, it is not surprising that her images are imbued with a special understanding of the people and the rituals she has photographed. Her work is not just a documentation of ritual, but also a sensitive and insightful interpretation of time-honoured traditions adapted for contemporary life in Bohemia, where free expression was very difficult in the recent past.

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