Production Facilities FAQ

Communal darkroom
Communal darkroom


Do I need to complete an induction if I have used similar facilities elsewhere?

  • YES: inductions are compulsory for anyone who enters the facilities, for health & safety reasons. Please email to book one unless you have recently completed a course with us.

Can I bring a friend and share facilities?

  • NO: please make separate bookings for each person who will be using the facilities.

Can I use my own chemistry?

  • YES: please inform staff beforehand by adding a note to your booking. There may be a small charge for safe disposal.

Is darkroom paper provided?

  • NO: chemistry is provided but users must bring their own darkroom paper. We have a selection of papers available in our shop if you need to buy some on the day of your booking.

Do I need to have previous experience of the facility I wish to book?

  • YES: while staff are available for technical support and trouble shooting, users are expected to work independently while in the facilities. We recommend that you complete a course or 1 to 1 training in the relevant area before booking.

How much does it cost?

  • Here are some example costings for different activities:

B&W Darkroom Printing: Full day pass + 1ltr B&W chemistry = £17

Colour Darkroom Printing: Full day pass + colour darkroom chemistry = £25

Film processing: 4x35mm film (colour or b&w) = £12

Hasselblad Scanning: Full day pass = £15

Inkjet printing: Full day pass + 2x A4 prints = £31

How do I book?

  • Please book online here.
  • Please do not book facilities unless you have already completed an induction.
  • Please make payment via the “pay for booking” link that you will receive once your order has been confirmed.
  • If you need to change or cancel your booking, please email
  • No refunds are available for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to booking start time.