Stills’ Bookings & Cancellation Policy

1 General Terms
1.1 Courses are provided by Stills Ltd (henceforth called “Stills”).
1.2 To book a place on a course, persons are required to pay the full price of the course prior to its commencement. Such person shall henceforth be referred to as “the participant.”
1.3 Courses are open to all individuals aged 16 and over. We cannot accept bookings for participants under this age.
1.4 The content of courses may vary from that advertised and may be subject to reasonable change.

2 Cancellation of Courses
2.1 Course bookings are non-transferrable and may be subject to cancellation by Stills.
2.2 In the event of the participant withdrawing from a course, a cancellation fee of 10% of the overall course price will be retained by Stills.
2.3 No refund shall be available for any cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the course start date.
2.4 In unforeseen circumstances, courses may be cancelled by Stills.
2.5 In such events, Stills will endeavor to contact the participant and offer either an alternative course, or a full refund of the course fees.
2.6 Stills shall not be liable for any other costs incurred or lost through the cancellation of the said course.
2.7 Wherever possible, reasonable notice shall be given to the participant regarding the said cancellation.

3 Non-attendance
3.1 Please inform us if you are unable to attend one session of a full course, as this will assist the tutor in trying to accommodate what you have missed in any subsequent sessions.
3.2 In the event of the participant being unable to attend the course, Stills shall not provide additional classes or alternate dates for the participant to attend.

4 Liability
4.1 The participant undertakes liability for any equipment lost or damaged whilst engaged in the course.
4.2 Stills assumes no liability for any damage incurred to the participant’s equipment, belongings or clothing whilst engaged in the course.

5 Right to Withdraw or Suspend the Participant
5.1 All participants are entitled to work in an environment conducive to learning.
5.2 Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and considerate manner towards Stills staff, tutors and other participants at all times.
5.3 Participants failing to conduct themselves in the above manner shall be issued with a verbal, then with a written warning stating the reasons for withdrawal or suspension.
5.4 Stills reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the participant from a course due to inappropriate conduct.
5.5 Participants who are withdrawn or suspended shall not be subject to any refund, or any compensation resulting in the act.

6 Complaints
6.1 Any dissatisfaction with any aspect of the course can be addressed to Evan Thomas, Stills Ltd, 23 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1BP, or sent to
6.2 Complaints will be dealt with as soon at it is possible to do so, and Stills will contact the person making the complaint upon consideration of the relevant circumstances.

7 Refunds
7.1 Refunds shall not be granted in the event of the participant withdrawing from the course.
7.2 Refunds may be granted in the event of the participant making a reasonable complaint as to the standard of the course.
7.3 Refunds granted on grounds of reasonable complaint shall constitute no more that 50% of the overall cost of the course.
7.4 No refunds shall be made for any additional expenses incurred by the participant in relation to the course.