Before using our facilities for the first time, all users are required to complete an induction at a cost of £25. We do not have any additional membership fees.

We can offer inductions most Tuesday-Saturdays at 11:30am, prior to your first session.

If you would like to book an induction please email [email protected] with any dates you have in mind and which facility you would like to use.

During an induction, one of our experienced technical staff will show you around the building and familiarise you with general health & safety information, before providing a detailed run-through of the equipment that you are interested in using that day. Depending on other users it may only be feasible to show new users one facility at this time in order to maintain a safe and clean workspace for all. However, we are always happy to run through other facilities at a future date as and when required.

The induction session tends to last approximately 1 hour.

Please be aware that our inductions consist of an overview of the available equipment, best-practice guidance in its usage, as well as health & safety of the building and facilities. It provides a brief refresher session for those with prior experience but is not intended as tuition. We offer a comprehensive range of courses for those not already familiar with the processes.

For further details about the facilities before your visit, please visit our FAQ page.