Mobile Photography


31 March 2024
Sunday 11am-5pm

This course explores the concepts of digital camera photography (and all that it entails) but through the medium of your own mobile device.


Tutor: Kat Gollock

As phone and tablet cameras continue to improve and App developments become more advanced, mobile photography – previously considered only suitable for quick snaps and throwaway selfies – is more and more becoming recognised as a legitimate photographic medium. And anyone with a phone or tablet can do it!

This course will explore the concepts of digital camera photography (and all that it entails) but through the medium of your own mobile device. Through a mixture of discussion and practical work this course will help you to push the limits of what your phone camera can do.

As well as exploring the creative side of photography, we’ll break down some of the technical elements to get a better understanding of photography in general and learn how to achieve similar results using your phone or tablet.

We’ll explore useful Apps to help get the desired output from your device and spend time looking at postproduction techniques that can improve and enhance your camera photos beyond a casual snapshot.

Some of the Apps we will be looking at include Slow Shutter (iOS), VSCO (iOS/Android), Snapseed (iOS/Android), Adobe Lightroom for Mobile (iOS/Android) and Manual Camera (Android). You do not need to have all these downloaded in advance and, please be aware that depending on the capabilities of your phone, some of the features of these apps may not be available to you.

This course is suitable for beginners and requires very little technical knowledge – just an enthusiasm and interest in photography and how to get a little more from your device. Please bring comfy weather-appropriate clothing as there will be some time spent outside shooting.

Please specify the Make and Model of your mobile device when booking, so that the tutor can provide specific information tailored to your device wherever possible


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